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The Looking-Glass
What Alice Was Really Looking At
September 17, 2009 7:30 PM.
She is gazing through the looking-glass, a window deep inside her past, wishing she could alter the small mistakes she has made. Yet no one on the other side can see her; they walked away long ago. And she knows she's better off, but still can't help but scoff, at the cracks in the winding road that led her here, the pain and tears, that forged the key to unlock a much happier future. This is the future she faces away from the mirror. The future that is the present, with lights and hearts aglow. The present that is the best in her life.
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Beneath Your Sight
Beneath Your Sight
by: sparklingphoenix17
Written: July 7, 2008
10:43 P.M.
In summer's heat, I'm shivering.  I can't seem to get rid of the fever lodged inside my head, frenzied thoughts pounding in my skull, leaving a dull ache behind.
My chest constricts.  My heart skips a beat.
Trembling, as I see what you have written.
How could you?
How could you?
I know now I was a fool- I thought perhaps, maybe, that there was hope in one fragile thread stretched between us.  It glittered in the sun, wispy, flickering in and out of sight.  I should have known it was a dream.  That it did not exist.
For I still held the love I bore you, my sister, deep inside the recesses of my soul.  I had locked it away, determined to save my battered heart from breaking anymore.
I had hoped you would understand, as you once knew me better than anyone else.  
I had prayed you might one day return, and try to free the remnants trapped within.
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by: sparklingphoenix17
Written: May 21, 2008
6:33 PM
The wind blows through the trees,
And I'm down here on my knees,
Staring off into the sunset.
The blazing colors fill my mind,
Like a lover for whom you've pined,
Soon gone, but each moment unforgotten.
Now, this isn't to say I'm right,
But as the day turns into night,
I'm not sure to wish on a star.
It seems kind of crazy
That someone could grant your wish
If they're a thousand miles away...
And the night's a little cold,
Yet that's all right, I'm told,
For in starlight you forget that.
But each star seems to me
A living memory-
Something that can't be denied.
And no matter how you run; no matter how you hide-
You can't destroy what haunts you deep inside.
So, I'll let the wind run through my hair,
Close my eyes, and my heart bare,
Light a candle, and pray
It won't burn me as before-
I was young; I played with fire once;
Entranced with its bright glow,
Danced atop my toes,
Watching it glitter all around me.
Then a flame caug
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by: sparklingphoenix17
December 6, 2007
My eyes are fixed upon the clock
As the hands turn round so slowly
And as hard as I try not to be,
My mind's fixed on you solely.
I cannot stop thinking of you
No matter how I try
Though I strive to ground my thoughts
They always to you fly.
And to the hour of twilight
That single shortened time
When I'm allowed to be with you
And it is not a crime.
When I'm allowed to hold your hand
And you allowed to embrace me
Where for one instant, we're together
Before darkness comes to chase me.
Before the shadows, closing in
A careless wraith revealing
Delights in twilight's early end
And of its seconds stealing.
Reluctantly, I let you go
Stealing one final kiss
I step into the wintry air
Already, you I miss
That night when I lay fast asleep
In a world of my own seeming
Twilight is forever there
A feature of my dreaming.
In the morning, as I wake
I watch the sun, sigh, and then
My eyes turn to the clock once more
I wait for twilight to come again.
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Broken Keys and Prison Walls
"Broken Keys And Prison Walls"
by: sparklingphoenix17
Written: October 5, 2007, 10:22 PM
The keys are black and white, black and white
Everything should be so simple, so clean-cut
Day and night, day and night: wrong and right.
But nothing ever is, and through this wasteland
All I've found is grains of knowledge
Thousands that fall through the fingers of your hand
Leaving little cuts along the way
That bleed and scar until you can't forget
All the things they meant; the notes you played
To accompany your tears as they fell fast
'til your head ached and the keys were broken
From your hacking away at some semblance of song.
A song none will ever hear
Nor eyes will ever see
for no one has ever understood
ever known
The soul i wish were free.
The soul inside of me.
Now i know it never will be.
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